Solenn Heussaff is an actress, model, published author, painter, makeup artist, and all-around cool girl.

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What I Eat When I’m Craving for Sugar

I don’t believe in depriving yourself when you get those cravings once in a while. I mean, you’re not supposed… read more

2 days ago by Solenn
Sos Giveaway

#SosGiveaway! | Get A Little Bit of Everything I Love

Like I shared during the first time I did this, #SosGiveaway will be a more regular thing now. 🙂  I’m hoping… read more

1 week ago by Solenn
True to Life

Behind the Scenes: Launching #Kalsada

Hi, guys! In case you didn’t know, my second art exhibit, Kalsada, is available for everybody to see for free at… read more

4 weeks ago by Solenn
True to Life

The People Who Inspired #Kalsada

I’ve always imagined the stories of the people I see every day. I wonder if they had a good day,… read more

4 weeks ago by Solenn
Get Reel

What Inspired My Second Art Exhibit

I shared a bit about my first exhibit a few days ago and I told you guys that what really… read more

1 month ago by Solenn

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