Solenn Heussaff is an actress, model, published author, painter, makeup artist, and all-around cool girl.

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Para Sa Protein Quinoa + Chicken + Kalabasa Recipe

I think everyone here has binged on food at least once. Or maybe you do it more than you like?… read more

8 hours ago by Solenn
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#SolennCooking: My Take on Fish Tacos

Thanks for all the comments you’ve been making on my food posts! It really inspired me to do a food… read more

6 days ago by Solenn
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Butt Wait—Here’s My Workout!

Real talk: I don’t have much of a behind. BUTT (lol) I’m proof that if you work hard enough, you… read more

2 weeks ago by Solenn
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I Know What You’re Made Of Cauli-Burger

One of the reasons why I like to cook is I know what exactly goes in my food. Eating out… read more

2 weeks ago by Solenn
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WATCH: Do You Have What It Takes to Be An Artista?

I meet a lot of people whose dream is to be an artista. I think that if you have a… read more

3 weeks ago by Solenn

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