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A Day in a Life with Me, Nico & Tili

3 months ago by Solenn

In the “Old Normal,” I normally get to see more of you guys in shows, tapings, and events, but since we are all staying at home more these days, the posts on this blog and social media has been my little way of sharing my life with you guys. This is actually my first time to do a “Day in a Life” video, but I thought it would be nice to talk a little more about how my regular day looks like since this is the way we get to bond now. Lol. It’s really nothing fancy, just a lot of mommy and wifey work, work work, and squeezing in me-time in between.

One of the things that I’ve been more careful about recently is my family’s health, which I’m sure everyone feels the same way about also. Vitamin C is important to have, but there are other important vitamins and minerals to take as well.

I learned that women specifically need to mind their iron intake, especially during those days when you’re so busy and you end up skipping a meal. When you feel nanghihina, you’re likely low in iron and that’s not a great thing because iron is the main mineral that helps the red blood cells go from your lungs to your other organs. It’s super important for keeping your mind healthy, letting you concentrate, boosting your immune system, and restoring your sleep. I usually take the iron I need in food like red meat, veggies, and nuts. I exercise also and take Sangobion to keep my blood healthy.

I know it sounds really simple, but monitoring my iron has really helped me juggle my days better. And like this video, I think you’ll find that it’s the simple moments that really count. 🙂

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