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Don’t Let Anyone Rush You Into Finding the One

4 years ago by Solenn

I’m lucky that I never got pressured by my parents into dating, getting married, or having children. But being in showbiz, it’s like, if all your friends have boyfriends, everyone asks why you don’t have one. And it’s so weird that that’s even a thing. I mean, why should there be pressure when everyone is different? We all have different personalities and we all follow a different pace when it comes to relationships.

Before, when I would get asked why I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would just say, “Well, I haven’t found someone yet.” And then when Nico and I started dating, some of my friends in showbiz started getting engaged and the question became: “When are you getting engaged? Aren’t you feeling the pressure to get engaged?” And I’m like, why should I be pressured? Is there a competition? Do I win the lottery if I get married first? Because if I’m winning the lottery, I’m totally finding someone by tomorrow.

Then when Nico and I got engaged, instead of congratulating me, people would ask, “So when are your brother and Anne getting engaged?” Seriously. When does it stop?

People need to understand that there are people who get married at 17 and people who do it at 67. There’s no “proper age” for getting married. When you find the right person, you go through it on your own pace. Even the finding the right person takes time, and that’s okay.

When I was 17, I thought by my 30s that I would have a family, but only because I would’ve gotten pregnant accidentally. Lol. I thought that was my destiny, and I thought marriage wasn’t my thing. I was always the type who dated someone who had issues, and no matter what the guy would do, I would be like, Oh, this was given to me, because I can take it. Very martyr, no?

So when I started falling in love with Nico, I was like, He’s so perfect. He’s so nice. He doesn’t care what time I come home, he doesn’t judge my friends, he talks to everyone I care about. I was like, there’s no way I’m supposed to be with him. But I guess it’s true. You do end up with someone you’d never imagine ending up with.

Now that we’re married, I would say it’s harder, because we know we’re bound for life and we’ll always and forever have to work things out. But I knew he was The One when I saw myself falling in love with him throughout the different stages of our life together. He’s someone I can love over and over again.

I met Nico at 26 and we got engaged after three years. On the other hand, George met her husband at 29 and got engaged after three months. Are we both happy? Yes. And it’s because there isn’t just one way to do things. You never know how it’s gonna go. When you meet The One, that’s when the work starts. Until then, have fun and don’t worry about it, okay?


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