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WINNER ANNOUNCED: My Everyday Makeup Look (Plus My Anniversary Giveaway!)

2 years ago by Solenn

The winner of my blog anniversary giveaway will be revealed at the end of this blog entry 🙂

* * *

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for me to do my everyday makeup and this is it! This is the look I normally wear to work, for shows and events and stuff, but when I’m going to exercise or run an errand, I actually just go bare-faced.

Take note that I like my makeup to look a little bit “undone”, that’s why I end up using my fingers to blend and smudge a lot. Lol. Some of my tips might work for you and some might not, so honestly, the best advice I can give for doing your makeup is just to learn as much as you can (from YouTube tutorials or makeup artists or your friends) and then figure out what works for you. No one knows your face like you do so you gotta trust yourself to know what looks good on you!

Another thing that I wanted to share is… This blog has been up for a year already. Right? I swear it didn’t feel like it. It’s nice to have this space where I can just share the most random and candid things and it makes me extra happy that you guys enjoy whatever you read or watch here, whether it’s about an issue I feel really strongly about or it’s just about poop. Haha.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate my blog’s very first anniversary and of course, this is a milestone I’d love for you to be a part of. So tell me through the comments: What’s something that you’ve done or gone through recently that you also want to celebrate?

The winner will get something super exciting—a makeup and hair makeover from me at The BLOC Salon! I’ll be the one to do your makeup and the awesome guys at The BLOC will take care of your hair needs.

If you want to join in, here’s what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post and answer the question: What’s something that you’ve done or gone through recently that you want to celebrate?

2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel:

3. I will pick one winner from those who comment and subscribe. The winner needs to be able to go to The BLOC Salon on the scheduled makeover date. Transportation will not be provided so if you’re a bit far from the Metro Manila area, you might want to think about joining. You have until May 8, 11:59PM (Philippine time) to comment.

P.S. This giveaway is closed to residents in the Philippines only!

* * *

Sooo it took me a long time to go through all of your answers just because there were so many of them! I really wanna thank everyone who joined and shared their reasons for celebrating. Reading your answers inspired me a lot and if only I could give everyone a makeover, I seriously would. But anyway, you guys know I like to do giveaways as much as I can so if you didn’t win this time, don’t worry about it. There will be a lots more for you to join next time 🙂

I had a hard time picking just one winner, so I’m actually going to give the makeup and hair makeover to TWO people. And the winners are… (drumroll please) Andrelene Divinagracia Veloso and Kajo Zaldivia!

You can read both of their answers in the comments below, but what I loved about what they shared was that it empowered me a lot. Andrelene has an advocacy called Balay Dalangpan where she helps share education to the Ata tribe in Cadiz, Negros Occidental. I really love that you help others, Andrelene. For me, that’s one of the things that empowers women. It’s really important to help educate people around us, especially when they can’t easily access it.

Kajo had a rough 2017. You can read about what she went through last year in the comments, but even with everything that happened to her, she still sees all her troubles as challenges that she just needs to go through and overcome to make her a better person. I love your positivity, Kajo. In spite of everything, you still have the drive to keep going.

Congrats, ladies! Please email me at so we can schedule your makeover. 🙂



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