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WINNER ANNOUNCED: “Want This Box of Rouge Magique Lipsticks?” Giveaway

4 years ago by Solenn

EDIT: We have a winner! It was so hard for me to choose, because I got A LOT of comments from you guys. Thank you to everyone who shared something. I read them all and I’m definitely going to make this a regular thing now. I also hope that this inspires you to spread happiness in your own way. You never know how a little thing can make someone else’s day.

Anyway, I’ll announce the next #SosGiveaway (there will be TWO winners this time) sometime this month. The prize will be a box of things I love. Your comments also inspired me to start #SosPasalubong, so every time I go out of the country, I’m going to be sharing the things I learned and enjoyed from that place through pasalubongs I’ll also give away.

The winner of this #SosGiveaway is Jennifer Sanchez, who commented on my post Can We Be Done With Saying “Ang Taba Taba Mo?”. Jennifer, I loved what you shared because it was so honest and you also inspired me by talking about how you’re rising above all the negativity. Congrats! I hope this giveaway makes you smile. Please email me at so I can ship the lipstick set to you. 🙂

This is what Jennifer had to say about body shaming and confidence:

This will always be my favorite post of yours. I have been body shamed ever since I was a teen. can’t even remember what age did it start. From “payat payat mo, kumakaen kapaba?” “Muka kang stick na pwede kana liparin, may pampabigat kabang dala” to “ang bilog bilog mo” “ang taba mo” “parang tumaba ka” “kelan ka manganganak?”. Without them knowing na I have Hyperthyroidism nung time na sobrang payat ko. tapos na overdose ako kaya naging hypo so medyo tumaba ako. Take note, i’m only 50kg tapos you will here people commenting “ang taba mo!”. Then now I have been to a lot of stress, walang work for few months so medyo nag gain ng wait. Then they will thought you’re pregnant right away. My body has been my biggest insecurity from my shape to my stretch marks to everything but I st arted to embrace it and do something for myself to help me bring back my confidence. I started my daily exercise. I wanna be a better person of myself. I guess, until you stop taking shit from other people and do something for yourself, you will be much happier. And for the others, Everyone has their own battle, please be nicer. 

Thanks, Solenn! More woman empowerment blogs please.

* * *

This blog has been alive for about five months now, and as a thank you, I want to give a special reader a box of Rouge Magique Lipsticks with 15 lipsticks inside from me and my L’Oréal family.

If you want to join, it’s super simple. Just…

1. Comment on your favorite post. (It can be ANY post, it doesn’t have to be this one.)

2. Tell me why you love that post and what else you wanna see in my blog!

3. I will pick one winner from those who comment and I’ll announce it next Saturday, September 30, in this post. 🙂

4. Until then, just comment away. Can’t wait to read all of them.

P.S. This giveaway is closed to residents in the Philippines only. Good luck!

Just the box itself is gorgeous lol
Just the box itself is gorgeous lol



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