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How to Make Sikwate Hot Chocolate | #SolennCooking

7 months ago by Solenn

Since I got preggers I haven’t been doing coffee and I replaced it with hot chocolate. For my recipe, I use Sikwate, which is a kind of real tablea that comes from Leyte. My friend Lucy Torres Gomez, who represents the 4th district of Leyte as congresswoman, shared this with me. She grew up with Sikwate and she would use it for hot chocolate drinks and have it with kakanin. Lol so good.

She also says, “This particular Sikwate is special, because the farmer who grows it does not use fertilizer. It is organic and unlike others who pack the discs with sugar, this one is really pure cacao.” I looove using this in my recipe, because both Nico and I try to watch our sugar intake, and this is perf cause you can really taste the cacao without overloading on sugar. I usually have this for brekky and also add other stuff to make it a little extra special. Don’t forget to watch the vid below!

My Sikwate Hot Chocolate Recipe


– 1 Sikwate tablea chip (available on Truest Society)

– 1 cup of milk (1 tablea chip basically needs 1 cup of milk. I like to use almond milk.)

– 1 Tbsp of muscovado nibs or your sweetener of choice

– Rice krispies (Just use enough to cover the top of your small pan, I get mine from Real Food.)

– Chopped almonds

– A pinch of salt

– Cinnamon and cardamom to taste


1. In a pan, pour the milk and add the Sikwate table chip. Whisk until it has a thicker consistency.

2. In a separate pan, toast the rice krispies, almonds, salt, and spices together until it browns. I just use enough krisipies and almonds to cover the pan.

3. Pour the hot chocolate in a cup. Add the toppings. So easy!

Et voilà! You can find more of my recipes on Instagram when you search the hashtag #SolennCooking.




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