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Our Marriage Was Tested in New Zealand | #SosBolz

3 years ago by Solenn

So this is the second part of my vlog/blog entries about Nico’s and my trip to New Zealand last month. I talked about my brother Erwan and sis-in-law Anne’s wedding in my first entry. This time, I’m gonna take you through all the other crazy and amazing things we did before we arrived in Queenstown for the ceremony.

New Zealand is such a beautiful place to get lost in. It makes you feel so connected to nature and the outdoors, and you really get to unplug and forget about your busy life for a bit. Nico and I did a major road trip and we also went camping, which I will TOTALLY recommend as a fun way of knowing someone better. Or testing your relationship. LOL. It will teach you how to cope with different things together, and since you’re like on each other’s face 24/7, you’ll get to catch up on each other’s lives also. Camping taught me that there’s an adventurous person inside all of us (he/she is in there somewhere, I swear) and you’ll see that you can be capable of so much.

Some of my highlights in this trip was horseback riding, which was surprisingly fun. I used to be afraid of horses, but now I love them, thanks to Nico. Hahahaha. We also got to swim with dolphins and that was just an AMAZING experience because when we saw them, they were swimming wild and free. It’s a super different feeling compared to paying to be with them in an enclosed area. Before jumping in the water, we had to observe them first and see if it was safe. And when we finally went in, it was about 10 degrees Celsius (freezing!!!), but we didn’t really feel how cold it was because we were so in awe by what was happening. It was so surreal. A magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can relive everything we went through in the video below! Let me know what your favorite part was? 🙂



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