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3 months ago by Solenn

Last October, I had my second art exhibit Kalsada. After almost a year, I’m creating new #SolennArt again through a project called Kids Take HeaART that I get to do with printmaker Studio Soliven. And just like in Kalsada, I’m doing this with my favorite collaborators—kids! If you remember, the paintings of Kalsada were a collab with my nephew Kaeden and it also benefited the kids of Kalipay Foundation.

Kaeden and I working on Kalsada last year
Kaeden and I working on Kalsada last year

This time, the kids and I—together with Studio Soliven—will be making art using a new medium that I’m going to be using for the first time: carpets.

So if you’re a proud parent who likes displaying your kid’s work, you can actually immortalize their art on a one-of-a-kind designer carpet. The artwork will be created with me through a one-on-one hourly art session that I will do on an available day (most likely Sunday) for a max of only three kids per day. Then Studio Soliven and I will collaborate with the kids to refashion their artwork into a carpet, helping them find the best colors, fabric, and material that will be perfect with the carpet’s future home.

Just like in Kalsada, 20% of the sales from every carpet created will be donated to Kalipay Foundation, which helps street kids.

My last visit to Kalipay
My last visit to Kalipay

I reallly believe kids are the future, but there are also more and more kids out there on the streets. So I’m doing this because I wanted to continue my Kalsada journey of helping children through children, and also work with Kalipay Foundation again. Studio Soliven and I thought immortalizing a child’s artwork on a carpet was an amazing idea, because it gives both the kid and their parents a chance to proudly display something they created! Art honestly teaches kids so much about creativity and expressing themselves. And because 20% will be donated to Kalipay, we are also able to give kids the chance to help other kids, even at their young age.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please email 🙂



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