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Our Boracay Station Zero Experience

8 months ago by Solenn

I’m sure you guys know that it’s getting to the point when it’s hard to be home all the time. So when we got the opportunity to take a trip to Boracay, we went for it. Honestly, I haven’t been to Boracay in years because the place felt a bit overdeveloped for me. But I figured that since the island got to heal with the clean-up and travel restrictions, we would be going to a different Boracay. And that’s what we experienced! I super enjoyed, everything was very clean and there weren’t a lot of people.

The island follows safety protocols and before we got to travel, we had to go through a PCR swab test so that we could apply for and get our travel QR code. Boracay doesn’t require swab tests for kids 2 years old and below so Tili didn’t need to get swabbed for this trip (though she has gotten swabbed in the past as a requirement for visiting other places).

We traveled with Air Trav Philippines, which has private planes for nine people. When the island allows it, they can do water landings but since Boracay doesn’t, we landed in Caticlan Airport. Once we arrived, our QR codes were scanned and we were in.

We took a speed boat to Crimson Boracay, which is located in Station Zero. It’s a more private part of Boracay and it felt like we were in a small island. Though there’s a big beach, it still feels very cozy because it isn’t as big as Boracay’s main White Beach.

Our rooms were so beautiful and they overlooked the ocean.

Crimson prepared really yummy dinners. On one night, we had a nice French dinner with foie gras. And on another night we had a private dinner with Indian cuisine, created by their in-house Indian chef. It was so refined and I had never tried something like it before.

More pics and my vlog below for more of our travel experience 🙂



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