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Prenatal Yoga At-Home: Part 2!

9 months ago by Solenn

When I posted the first part of this blog and vlog, I was still pregs with Thylane. But I decided to still share the second part, even after giving birth, because prenatal yoga really helped me physically and mentally before giving birth, up until now when I’m recovering from my C-section. Maybe it will help you too 🙂

I said before that Isabel Abad Santos of P.Y.T Studio MNL helps with my prenatal yoga routine at-home, and she told us before why prenatal yoga is beneficial for preggo moms. This time she’ll share in this blog (and in the vid below) some dos and don’ts when taking a prenatal yoga class, and what you can expect per trimester:

– Drink enough water.
– Listen to your body. You know your body best so rest when you need to.
– Breathe, move your body, and keep an open mind.
– Use props! Blankets, pillows, blocks, bolsters, birthing/fitness balls, chairs, and walls. Remember your body produces a hormone called relaxin that softens the bones and ligaments to prepare for birth. Try to move slowly and not too deeply, and don’t hold poses too long to avoid over stretching.
– Practice regularly. Try to attend a class or practice some yoga poses. Exercise in a way that’s comfortable for you. You can also stay active by walking or swimming.
– Return to class after your birth. When your doctor gives you the go signal, come back (even with baby) to recharge, strengthen the body, and maintain flexibility.

– Lie on your belly after 12 weeks. It squashes the baby and uterus.
– Do deep (unsupported) squatting after 35 weeks. This can bring on early labor and if the baby is not a good position, it creates less room for baby for turn around.
– Do any exercises after the first trimester where you’re lying on your back. Your baby’s growing weight puts pressure on your vena cava (a major vein that brings blood to your heart), which messes up circulation, making you feel dizzy and nauseous. You can lie on your side or use an inclined bolster or pillows.
– Do hot yoga. Avoid doing yoga in any extreme heat (and avoid exercise outdoors on a hot day), because exposure to excessive heat could result in neural tube defects, and also because it can cause you to feel dizzy and nauseous.
– Do deep abdominal work, backbends, and twists. Your center of gravity can be off during pregnancy. Backbends and twists may cause you to fall.

As with most things during your pregnancy, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you experience prenatal discomforts, ask your teacher for options or modifications.

First trimester: Since you’re likely feeling more fatigued than usual, make sure to take breaks and modify your yoga positions. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, replace downward dog with hands and knees (cat-cow positioning). Downward dog is still ok, but having your head below your belly can make you feel more nauseous.

Second trimester: If you’re experiencing the typical second trimester energy surge, it’s a good time to master stretching and strengthening moves—including squats and stretches that tone the pelvic area and open the hips—that will help prepare your body for labor. Slowly incorporate arm and back strengthening, too.

Third trimester: As your baby grows and your center of gravity moves forward, you’re likely feeling increasingly uncomfortable. This makes your last few weeks of pregnancy a good time to focus on meditation  and breathing techniques to calm your heart rate and to help you feel more grounded. Doing so can help relieve any anxiety you might feel about your upcoming birth, plus learning how to control your breathing now will pay off during labor and delivery (not to mention those trying situations once baby arrives!). Rest and sleep when you need to.

Super helpful, right? You can connect with Isabel here so you can know more about how prenatal yoga can help you with your own preggo journey. Don’t forget to watch the vid below!



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