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#SosGiveaway! | Get A Little Bit of Everything I Love

1 week ago by Solenn

Like I shared during the first time I did this, #SosGiveaway will be a more regular thing now. 🙂  I’m hoping a simple thing like this will also inspire you to spread happiness, whether it’s through giving a gift or sharing your time with someone or doing a little thing to make another person smile. It’s actually really not that hard to add a little more love in this world.

I’ve also seen and experienced SO MUCH love over the weekend (I’m sure you guys know why, but that will be for another post), so that’s why I wanted to share this giveaway now. There will be two winners this time, and each winner will get a box of things I love: workout clothes, gift certificates from some of my favorite brands like Bench and Charles & Keith, L’Oreal makeup, a bottle from my fragance line S.O.S, hair goodies from Vitress and Kolours, plus some of the healthy snacks I love to eat (that I wasn’t able to take a pic of LOL).

This box is personal to me, because it’s full of things I really use. So if you want to join, it’s super simple. Just…

1. Comment on your favorite post. (NOT this post!)

2. Tell me why you love that post and what else you want me to talk about in my blog and YouTube channel.

3. I will pick two winners from those who comment. You have until November 20, 11:59PM (Philippine time) to comment.

P.S. This giveaway is closed to residents in the Philippines only. 

P.P.S I’ll be sharing my first #SosPasalubong soon, so watch out for it also!


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