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The Reveal of our “New House” with Home Fluffing!

9 months ago by Solenn

Rumor has it that after you give birth, you’re gonna want to change everything in your house. For me, that rumor turned to be true. I just found myself needing something new and refreshing to look at while we were constantly at home. I don’t know if it was because we weren’t going anywhere else or because my aesthetic just changed but ever since I became a mom, I noticed that my taste definitely switched from being eclectic to something a little more neutral and minimalist.

I wanted to make a few changes without doing major renovations or construction so I called Moss Design House to do a Home Fluffing, which is basically making minimal changes to a house to change the look.

They were given three days to create a look based on pegs I sent them.

I loved everything they presented to me, but at first I really didn’t think they could do the Home Fluffing in just three days. But they did! And as you can see, we were very happy and I was also quite emotional about it.

Mostly, they used what we already had at home. In our living room, they just reupholstered our existing couch and added new chairs, a table, and carpet. The pillars in our living area were also changed to look a little more Roman-inspired, which I thought was a more “mature” upgrade from our old white brick pillars.

In our bedroom, they kept our bed and night tables, and just changed up the wallpaper and added a day bed.

I know we’re really just at home for the most part these days so if you want to see some change in your house, Home Fluffing is very doable, not too pricey if you do it carefully, and it definitely does change a lot.

Here are some links that may help you when you explore Home Fluffing!

Moss Design House

– Instagram of Moss Design House and Moss Manila Home

Website and Email (

Living Room Pieces

– Paint by Boysen
– Rug by Eurobel Rugs + Carpet
– Christmas tree decor by Flourish
– Rattan basket, vases & white accent pillows by Harper & Harlow
– Chandelier by Home Cartel
– Center table by Moss Home
– Stone top by Philippine Granite Stone Corp.
– Accent chairs by Philux
– Wallpaper by Wallcrown

Bedroom Pieces

– Paint by Boysen
– Accessories & decor by Flourish
– Throw pillow by Harper & Harlow
– Droplights & floor lamp by Home Cartel
– Chaise lounge & mirror by Moss Home
– Wallpaper by Neu Muri

You can check out our Home Makeover Episodes Part 1 and Part 2 on Moss Design House’s YouTube channel and watch my vlog below too! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂



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