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Warning: Social Media Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

3 years ago by Solenn

Generally, I’m a very “good vibes lang” kind of person. I might not be always perky and hyper and super positive, but I like to think that life is best when it’s chill, carefree, and simple.

Honestly, most of the time, I enjoy using social media. I like sharing the crazy things Nico and I do to each other, videos of Patato and Negroni doing nothing, and photos of my #UtotGoals. Lol. When social media is used for fun and things like that, you have fun on it. It’s that simple. But when it’s used to take positive things to make it negative, when it’s used to attack and spread hate, you also feel like attacking and becoming hateful as a person. And that’s a such a toxic life to live.

Recently, I posted a photo of myself wearing makeup darker than my original skin tone, because I was playing a character who was brought up outdoors and lived under the sun for 22 years. I think if that really happened in real life, my complexion would not look like how it looks now, which is why I needed to darken my makeup as I played the role. After I shared it, I got messages and tweets from people saying what I did was brownface, not in good taste, and offensive. I was told I was being discriminatory toward darker skin tones, that I was looking down on those with darker skin, when there was no intention of that at all.

There were some points that were eye-opening and I’m grateful for the education I received from some comments. But in general, I think this is also an example of how social media has made it so easy for us to create conflict without resolving anything. I was told I was being discriminatory, even though I said nothing negative about having darker skin for that role. The real issue is that our culture celebrates whiteness, but the conversations that happened online after I posted the photo didn’t address that. It’s sad, but social media has become a space for us to share everything that’s wrong without taking action to make things right or even celebrating what is going right. It’s making it second nature for us to hate, but not communicate.

I’m also definitely learning to do this more and more, but I think the world can be a much better place when we learn how to use social media responsibly and moderately. Technology has done so much, and it’s our job to use it for good things. There is a way to share thoughts and opinions without attacking and making the situation worse than it was. At the end of the day, we also have to remember that real life exists outside of our screens, and we shouldn’t forget to live that life.



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