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What Really Happened During My Wedding in France

5 years ago by Solenn

It didn’t seem like it on social media, but our wedding did not go as planned. Literally the week before, Nico and I had no idea if we were gonna get married in a church. At first, the church we wanted to get married at in Combourg, Brittany wouldn’t allow us to have our ceremony there, but my dad was able to work things out. Or so we thought.

Our beautiful church in Combourg

The week before the wedding, the church suddenly called to say that the certificates that Nico and I sent of our baptism and confirmation had to be professionally translated to French, and that needed TWO weeks. Without those documents, we couldn’t get married. I was SO stressed, because Nico and I were due to fly out. Thank God because it was around this time when we met our angel, Fr. Bérnard. He lives in the Philippines, but used to work in the Vatican, and because of him, we got permission to get married in church.

When Nico and I arrived in Paris, the news started saying there was a transport strike happening soon. A freakin’ TRANSPORT STRIKE.

Seriously discussing our wedding. Lol

Combourg was three hours from Paris by train, and I needed to inform 156 guests that they would need to hire cars or get on a train right away before the strike happened. Everyone ended making some kind of an arrangement, which was great. But when we got to Combourg, the weather report said that for the next four days, there would be a storm.

At this point, I was like, “Lord if you don’t want me to get married, just tell me!!!” The church was a sign. And the transport strike. And the weather.

Everything was going wrong.

But for some reason, the storm didn’t happen. At least, in those two days of the wedding rehearsal and the actual wedding, it didn’t rain.

Still, things weren’t going smoothly. On the day of our rehearsals, we went to the church and at this point, Nico was just so excited to be with his friends. I’m super chill, but my older sister Vanessa wanted me to be on top of everything. So she was like, You can’t go to the beach with your friends! You need to do this and this and this! And I started panicking and crying. I was like, Why do I have to do so many things? Why can’t I just enjoy???

With our wedding planner whose name is also Vanessa. Nico literally can’t take it anymore hahaha

Nico decided this was the perfect time to pop in and say, Tomorrow, I’m gana play football with da guys!

Seriously. Football was his plan for the day of our freakin’ wedding.

So we got into a small fight and in my head I was like, “Ugh, I so should NOT marry you tomorrow.”

That evening, we had a simple reception in the chateau we were staying at. I told our DJ, Mars Miranda, to just play hip-hop, RnB, and reggae. No boring wedding songs. Because I was so stressed, I wasn’t eating, but because the music was so much fun, I started drinking.

What is happening to my face???

I promised myself not to drink, because I was getting married the next day, and I wanted to look fresh.

But I don’t know what happened. I got drunk, drunk like the most drunk I’ve ever been in my life. I could barely remember anything.

I remember grabbing the mic from my dad who was telling the guests to start leaving, giving him Jaeger shots, and telling him to have fun. Then I remember being in bed, where George pulled out my fake lashes and fake hair, and vomiting everywhere.

George forcing me into bed
George forcing me to go to bed

People told me after that Nico was just as drunk as I was. Apparently, he climbed into bed with me sometime during the night, but the bed was really old and soft, and it kept moving, and I guess… that made me nauseous. So I turned to him and I puked on his face. I’ve never puked on anyone my whole life, and Nico gets so grossed out with stuff like that. That’s how I know he really loves me.

When I woke up the next day, my eye was inflamed, my hair was a mess, and I felt super horrible. The last thing I wanted to do was to get married

Thanks to my future sis-in-law Anne Curtis for taking this photo at 8am and reminding me I had a wedding to attend!

The ceremony was in the afternoon, and we only started hair and makeup at noon. Nico wasn’t ready because, like he said, he was going to play football.

After all the shit we went through, we finally arrived at the church. Nico and I had a beautiful wedding, and we both cried our eyes out.

I think our ceremony was the only thing where nothing went wrong. Because at our wedding reception after, we had a blackout that lasted half an hour. Lol.

Brownout ang peg? But we were having so much fun, the groomsmen literally threw me up in the air on the dance floor

Lesson learned: For every wedding video you cry over, you should know that there are about 10 million things happening in the background that aren’t going as planned. But even if our wedding was far from perfect, I can still say it was the best day of our life. We didn’t let the bad ruin what we had. Every single one of our guests said it was the funnest, craziest wedding they’ve ever attended, and we got married in front of everyone we loved. What else could we ask for?


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