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Why I Kept Quiet About My Civil Union in Argentina

5 years ago by Solenn

On December 2015, Nico and I went to Esperanza, Argentina, the town he grew up in, for our civil union.

Honestly, we would’ve wanted to have everything done during our church wedding a few months after. But getting all the paperwork fixed in France was hard, and it was easier to do all of it in Argentina. And Nico’s family and friends still live there.

The plan was to have a judge officiate our union, and we would sign the papers, have lunch, and that was it. Done.

I’m like, you’re in it for life babe! Hahaha

But Nico’s mom super wanted to go all out with celebrating, so his family totally caught me off guard with what was like a wedding reception after our union.

There were 250 guests that I had only met that night, a first dance that Nico and I were not prepared for, and like all that wasn’t crazy enough, Nico also invited my favorite Argentinian band, Amapola, to sing all the songs I was obsessed with.

When we got back to the Philippines, I didn’t want to share what happened with anybody. I mean, it was just supposed to be the two of us signing papers with family and friends. The whole thing was meant to be small and quiet. But after the party and Belle snapping Nico and I signing our wedding license, of course, people started talking.

But instead of waiting for us to share the moment, it was like everyone wanted to force the story out of us. People were bashing me on Instagram. I was being called a liar, and that I wasn’t proud of my husband or being married. I didn’t understand all the hate.

My thing is, I’ll share it when I want to share it.

People think that since I’m an actress, I’m supposed to divulge my life to everyone. But at the end of the day, I’m just a person and acting is just my job. Anyway, if I kept sharing everything, it would be hard for Nico and I to feel the realness of our relationship. If we gave it all away, we might as well live on set, right?

When I got married in France in May, I shared it with all of you. I felt like that was my real wedding, in front of the eyes of God. Now, after more than a year, I’m talking about my civil union in Argentina, because I just wanted the chance to share this story in my own terms.

There are four things I will never forget about our union. Read first, then watch the video below to relive everything with me!

1. Right before the judge officiated the union, Nico told me, “Da judge dasent know you dont speak Spanish. You kent have a civil union if you kent speak it.”

I just know super little Spanish, so I got SUPER STRESSED. I was like, “Why do you make me do this???”

And he goes, “Whateberr da judge says, say si!”

But I said, “What if he asks something that doesn’t require si for an answer? ‘How many kids do you plan to have?’ ‘SI???’”

The entire ceremony I just put on a blank face, but I knew Nico was laughing deep inside. In my head I was going, “You. Little. Shit.”

2. I knew we were gonna have a dinner to celebrate the union with more of Nico’s family. But instead Nico took me to this hotel with a huge ballroom, where a wedding planner greeted me.

I looked at Nico and I just said, “WTF is this wedding planner I don’t know about?!”

And Nico was like, “Oh, jest goh with da flow…” We walk in together and there were about 250 people I didn’t know, and to think we only had 156 guests in our wedding. I had no idea what was happening.

3. After the guests settled down, they were all just staring at Nico and I. He goes, “Babe, we gonna have arr first dance.” And I was like, “WHAT. FIRST. DANCE.”

We didn’t practice. We aren’t dancers. Nico was all like, “Lez do da waltz!” So we literally went around in circles.

I’m smiling here but after I told him, you’re gonna be so dead when we get home.

4. We both got so drunk.

Lol, what’s new, right?

Yup, this is NOT my husband. Lol. It’s Ale, Nico’s best man!
Shot pa more! Hahaha


Sometimes I get asked which “wedding” I liked better, but I always say that I can’t compare the two. In our wedding in France, all of my friends were there, but the union in Argentina was such an experience. Nico literally gave me the surprise of my life. Watch our video and check out more pics below!



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