Solenn Heussaff is an actress, model, published author, painter, makeup artist, and all-around cool girl.


I’m Solenn Heussaff, and I’m an actress based in the Philippines. I started out in fashion design and makeup artistry, but one thing lead to another, and now you can find me in soap operas and movies. A lot call me a celebrity, but that’s the last thing I would use to describe myself. I’m just a girl who likes to do a little bit of everything—I act, design, do makeup, paint, cook, bake, make books, sing, and work out a lot—and I always, always have fun doing all that.

This space is an extension of myself, where I want to share my life with you in the realest way possible. You won’t find perfection here, but you can expect me to be true to myself and to open up all the different, crazy sides there are to me, while doing all of the things I love and I’m passionate about. A little bit of everything… life’s just so much more interesting that way.

Read more about me in my blog.

P.S. The content you’ll find on my blog was created by me, with the help of my content editor Larissa and video editor Cyril. My branding and website design is by Serious Studio.


  • TV, 2018-2019 Cain at Abel as Abigail Marical
  • TV, 2018 Inday Will Always Love You as Joana
  • TV, 2018 The One That Got Away as George
  • TV, 2017-2018 All Star Videoke as Herself
  • TV, 2017-2018 Alyas Robin Hood as Iris Rebecca Lizeralde
  • TV, 2017 Karelasyon
  • TV, 2017 Full House Tonight as Herself
  • TV, 2016 to 2017 Encantadia as Cassiopeia
  • TV, 2016 A1 Ko Sa 'Yo as Miley
  • TV, 2015 to 2017 Tripinas as Host
  • TV, 2015 to 2016 Marimar as Capuccina Blanchett
  • TV, 2014 Ilustrado as Nellie Boustead
  • TV, 2013 to 2015 Sunday All Stars as Herself
  • TV, 2013 Adarna as Ibong Adarna II / Daiana
  • TV, 2013 Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas as Jade Carmelo
  • TV, 2013 Indio as Lalahon
  • TV, 2012 to present Taste Buddies as Host
  • TV, 2012 Eat Bulaga! as Co-Host
  • TV, 2012 Legacy as Chloe Martin
  • TV, 2011 to 2014 Fashbook as Host
  • TV, 2011 to 2012 Bubble Gang as Herself
  • TV, 2011 Captain Barbell as Janna Rahmani
  • TV, 2010 Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown as Herself
  • Film, 2016 Love is Blind as Fe/Maggie
  • Film, 2016 Lakbay2Love as Lianne
  • Film, 2014 T'yanak
  • Film, 2014 Da Possessed as Anna
  • Film, 2014 Mumbai Love as Ella
  • Film, 2013 Status: It's Complicated as Sylvia
  • Film, 2013 Seduction as Sophia
  • Film, 2012 Sos Problems as Margaux Bertrand
  • Film, 2012 D'Kilabots Pogi Brothers Weh?! as Lulu
  • Film, 2012 Boy Pick-Up: The Movie as Angel
  • Film, 2011 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow as Selene
  • Film, 2011 Temptation Island as Pure K
  • Film, 2011 My Valentine Girls as Andie
  • Written Works, 2016 Hot Sos
  • Written Works, 2015 Besties
  • Art Exhibit, 2016 "Our People"
  • Albums, 2016 Solenn
  • Albums, 2013 SOS
  • Albums, 2011 Solenn
  • Concerts, 2016 Fantaisie
  • Concerts, 2011 Solenn on Stage
  • Fashion Design, 2003 to 2006 Studio Bercot
  • Make-up Artistry, 2008 École Fleurimon
  • Make-up Artistry, 2008 Make-up Forever Academy





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