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11 Things I Did to Have the Best Wedding Ever

5 years ago by Solenn

My wedding wasn’t perfect. But that didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives.

Here are the 11 rules Nico and I stuck to that made all of our guests say that our wedding was the funnest, craziest one they’ve ever attended.

Rule no. 1: Work with a relatively low budget, and discipline yourselves to stick to it. Buuut if that doesn’t work out, be ready with a plan B, because wedding budgets usually end up doubling. Like ours. Haha.

Rule no. 2: Make your wedding theme your personality. Just stick to who you are. If you’re country, you’re country. If you’re chill, you’re chill. Keep it simple when you can, it’s not like you’re having a wedding to show people you have money.

Rule no. 3: Don’t spend too much on your dress. I just made sure mine stuck to my personality, and I kept in mind that I was realistically only going to wear it once.

My wedding dress was made by Israeli designer Lili Hod

Also, for my reception dress, I just wore a top and a skirt. Not kidding.

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Rule no. 4: Go with your gut when it comes to suppliers. I worked with people whose work I was familiar with and who I knew were good (shout out to our photographer Pat Dy, videographer Jason Magbanua, DJ Mars Miranda, makeup artist Robbie Piñera, and hairstylist John Valle). Don’t give yourself too many options, or you’ll have a hard time choosing.

Rule no. 5: Make your guest list yours, not your parents’. You can give them a reasonable number of people to invite, which in my case, was eight for my mom and eight for my dad. Nico and I wanted to stick to under 200 guests, so we could spend time with all of them. Isn’t it nice that they all fit in one frame?

Rule no. 5: You don’t have to spend a lot on décor and flowers. If you’re not the type who’s into looking like a queen or a princess (like me), don’t feel like you need a  “royal wedding.” Because if that’s not your personality, that theme just ends up being so stuck-up and stiff.

Rule no. 6: Invest in a good photographer and videographer, but don’t make your wedding all about pictures and videos. I told Pat to take pictures for a maximum of 20 minutes after the ceremony, because there was no way I would make my guests wait an hour for us to arrive. He took a lot of candid photos also, since I didn’t want the pictures to look too posed.

Rule no. 7: Don’t feel pressured to spend on gowns for your bridesmaids. I gave mine a color palette and told them to wear whatever they wanted. I didn’t care if they wanted to wear shorts, a skirt, or pants, and I didn’t want them to worry about their outfit so much.

Rule no. 8: Don’t have a lot of long speeches. Speeches are nice and sweet, but when they’re too long, it gets kind of tiring. We limited the speeches to two of Nico’s best friends, my dad, and my sister. They literally had two minutes each. Lol.

Rule no. 9: Don’t feel like a picture with every table is a must. It’s not the kind of photo you’ll frame, anyway. But tell your photographer to take photos of all your guests, so you’ll remember everyone who was there.

Rule no. 10: Have really good food. We served fresh seafood that everyone could help themselves to (yep, we didn’t have waiters), and we got a crepe truck for dessert.

Rule no. 11: Have A LOT of alcohol. I thought of our wedding like a party I would have at home. There was no bartender. We literally just had a table with bottles and all of our guests could serve themselves.

By the time our wedding was done, I seriously kept crying. It was so nice to have everyone who was important to us under one roof in one night. I didn’t want it to end, and everyone else felt the same way.


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