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Casa #SosBolz House Tour + Plus DIY Decorating Tips

3 years ago by Solenn

I’ve been sharing on my Instagram stories that Nico and I moved in a new house and FINALLY, I’m going to share it with you! When we filmed this tour, we had been staying in the house for only a week. At that time, I hadn’t even invited my family so it’s like you guys are seeing a super special preview of the earliest stages of our house. Lol.

Nico and I moved into a four-year-old house. It was already built and everything, but we still wanted to make a few changes inside. We got an interior designer for our last home and they really did a beautiful job, but this time, I didn’t want to spend so much so I did the interiors all on my own. You can see the photos below to see how BARE everything was when we moved in. DIY works out because it’s cheaper and also, we’ll be able to slowly fill in our house with things we see and fall in love with whenever we travel.

I believe a house has to be a HOME. It has to feel cozy and personal. So if any of you are thinking of decorating your own home, I wrote down some of my personal tips. You can also watch the video below to see me “in action.” Lol.

Tip 1: If you’re moving from an old home to a new one, go through your old stuff first. There will always be something you totally forgot about that’s actually perfect for your new home. De-cluttering your old stuff will also save you the hassle of moving so much stuff that you don’t really need. Of course, getting someone to help you is always a good idea. I worked with Lane Movers, they helped me pack up my old home and move into the new one.

Tip 2: When you’re moving houses, it’s easy to get carried away by what you want to fix or overhaul. But we’re all on a budget so make a list and prioritize what needs to be fixed first. The basics: Check/fix anything electrical, and check on the piping and drainage. Get pest control for sure. If it’s decorative pieces that can wait, then just wait until you finally have the budget for it.

Tip 3: The cheapest home decorating tool is paint! A fresh coat of paint always brightens up a house or a room. For outdoor areas, fake turf changes everything.

Tip 4: When you decorate, mix, don’t match. Don’t get so focused about all your stuff being in one color. A little bit of everything that reflects your personality is what makes a house homey. Personally, I wanted my home to look a little jungle-y and Moroccan-inspired cause that’s my style. I also went with a color palette of beiges, black, and pops of color like blue and orange.

Tip 5: Another tip for decorating on a budget—use existing items that you never thought could be used as decor, like piles of books on tables and bookshelves, or glassware in open shelves.

Tip 6: A home becomes home when you put life in it. I added a lot of personal touches like framed photos of me and Nico, plus our family and friends. Life for me also means having a lot of plants. But I don’t have a green thumb so Nest Plant Studio came to my house and told me what plants were good based on the space and light available.

Tip 7: Decorating can be fun, but it can also be a hassle when you have to go to 20 stores to get what you need. Go to a one-stop shop like All Home that will have everything, including those things you forget you need, but really do.

Tip 8: Know what pieces you need to invest in. What do you use a lot? For me, that’s our mattress and couch. We really invested in good quality ones from Home Studio (couch) and Magniflex (mattress) that are comfortable AND sturdy. Sleeping is something you do every day, so might as well have the right stuff for it.

Tip 9: Not everyone is big on cooking, but if you are, make sure you invest in kitchen appliances also! A fridge with a lot of storage space was important for me cause I cook and bake a lot. I also got a fire stove (I think it just makes your food taste better) and I made sure my kitchen had an island, like a table in the middle, so everything’s within arm’s reach when I cook or bake. Got really good quality kitchen appliances from La Germania!

Tip 10: If you have a little more money to spend, try to have an accent piece in every room, whether that’s a statement chandelier (got ours from Home Cartel), an accent wall (got super unique wallpaper at Studio11, it’s like having wall art), full-length curtains that will make any room look more spacious, or a unique bed frame (got the one in our guest bedroom from Philux).

Hope this helped a bit! Watch the video for the full tour and more tips, subscribe to my channel, and let me know here/on my channel/on my IG or Twitter if you have any questions when it comes to decorating. 🙂



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