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What Inspired My Second Art Exhibit

3 years ago by Solenn

I shared a bit about my first exhibit a few days ago and I told you guys that what really inspires me to paint are people. Because of this, my second exhibit is going to be called Kalsada and it will be available for everyone to see for free starting October 20 until November 5 at the Provenance Art Gallery in Shangri-La at the Fort.

It’s called Kalsada, because the subjects are based on everyday people I’ve seen and met while going around the Philippines. Unlike my first exhibit, this one is a collaboration between me and my three-year-old nephew Kaeden (you see him a lot on my Instagram). The series of paintings we came up with are all so colorful, even if some of the surroundings and expressions are quite sad. It was actually Kaeden who used so much color, and I guess it kind of makes you appreciate how children naturally see things in a positive way. And that’s why I did this with him—so our people’s stories can be brought to life in a much brighter light.

I tried to represent Filipinos from all over the Philippines in Kalsada. I’m very grateful to Globe, because they really motivated me to do this second exhibit. Without them, I wouldn’t have anything ready to be shown at all. Lol.

We really wanted this exhibit to be inspired by the Philippines and all the Filipinos around us. Even if I couldn’t be physically there, I was able to paint people from Mindanao with the help of my friend in Sulu, Bea of Herman & Co. She took a lot of photos of the people she met there and I painted the portraits based on these pictures.

Globe also took me to Biri in Northern Samar, where I was able to see another part of our country that I didn’t know about. Biri is such a quaint and beautiful place. Literally everyone I met here was so accommodating and they were smiling like 24/7. Life here is very simple and that’s what makes it so beautiful. The locals happily eat whatever they fish. And everything is still so raw and untouched. There are only about two resorts and they’re more homey than they are actual hotels. When I stayed in Biri, I got so inspired and I took a lot of photos of the children I met. I painted some of them and they’ll also be shown in Kalsada.

If you want to make a trip to Biri (I really recommend it!), here are some things you need to know:

A sample Biri itinerary – How to get there, What to do

Biri Resort – Where I stayed

The Biri Intiative – It’s amazing how the people of Biri care about the environment. With the help of scientists, they created the Biri Bud, which helps regenerate reefs and corals that have been destroyed. You can read more about the initiative in the link.

You can also “go” to Biri, Samar with me by watching the video and checking out the photos of my trip below! #ThePlan #Scenezoned



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