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Marriage, Pregnancy, Kids? Don’t Rush

2 years ago by Solenn

Two years ago, I shared a blog about not being in a hurry when it comes to finding “The One”. I think that’s always how I’ve lived my life, enjoying it as much as I can and not trying not to give in to the world’s pressure of having to do everything at a certain time. I took my time dating, getting engaged, and getting married. After Nico and I got married, everyone wanted to know when would have kids, especially after my friends started having children. I don’t know if it’s a Filipino culture thing, but there was definitely a pressure to have kids right away. So many people had something to say and so many opinions to give. But even with all that, Nico and I still took our time getting pregnant.

Personally, I have always wanted to have kids past my 30s. There were a lot of things that Nico and I wanted to experience as a married couple first, like traveling as much as we could and prioritizing each other and our careers. Don’t get me wrong, there are women who want to get preggo at a younger age. That’s great and it is easier in a lot of ways to have children when you’re younger, but our choice was to do it when we were ready, not when books or the internet or our family or other people said so.

When you want to have kids, if you even want to have kids, is your choice. There are A LOT of things to consider—your health, the health of the baby you will have, your partner’s and your career, and the timing of it all. When to have children (if you want them) is a massive decision and it will lead to a lifetime responsibility. You don’t get to tap out of being a mom and a dad. That’s why it’s not something you should take lightly, so if you need time to make that decision and you have the time to sit on it, go and make the most of it.

Honestly, I am glad Nico and I started trying to get pregnant when we were ready. And when it happened, we also got to share it with the world when we were ready. So far, it has been a pretty easy pregnancy. I don’t feel super out of place in my own body and there’s no morning sickness so far. I guess the biggest changes are me just taking it easy with work, feeling busog all the time, and tasting iron (weird hahaha) whenever I eat. Now that the news is out, it feels extra nice to be sharing the journey with the peeps I love and so many who have supported our relationship for so long.

Of course, I will always get a bunch of unsolicited advice from people who don’t even know what exactly what I’m going through, but that just comes with this life. When I post Stories of me working out, so many people get freaked out and message me, but you have to remember that I have been very active for a lot of my adult life. If you don’t work out at all and then you start working out intensely when you get pregnant, that might not be good for you or your baby. But because my body is so used to working out, it’s actually better for me to continue being active, minus certain movements and some ab workouts that will be uncomfortable for me and the baby. There are actually some pre-natal programs from trainers I follow online and you can check with your OB if you can do them also:

1. Tanya Poppett
2. Kayla Itsines
3. Julia Baird

Thank you to everyone who showed their love and support so far 🙂

We’re excited to meet our Baby Bolz!


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