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Meet the Bolzico Fur-mily!

2 years ago by Solenn

Before we announced that we were expecting, Nico and I were (and still are lol) proud pet parents to our fur-mily. We have a dog, Pochola, a cat, Negroni (aka El Gato), and two tortoises, Patato and Pechuga. The vid below is literally a day in my life with all my pets. Since I took a break from work to rest while I’m pregnant, all five of us are together almost every single day.

Before I became a pet parent, I thought it would be easy having a bunch of them in one house but as you can see in the vid, it takes up a lot of time and it’s really a commitment. It’s super fun and they’re all my babies, but you totally need to take care of them. Don’t buy or adopt a pet just because they’re cute and end up not giving them attention. Sharing here some of the things I learned living in a house of animals! Hi Nico. Hahahaha.

1. Take your pets to vet. They don’t have to be sick or anything. Think of it as your regular doctor’s visit. I take mine once a month.

2. Don’t just feed them just anything. We actually don’t give any of our pets leftovers. It’s better for their health, because our food can have too much salt for them. Pochola has two cups of dog food + a chicken breast two times a day. Negroni has dry cat food available all day to eat, and we also give half a pack of wet cat food twice a day. We store their food in a dry area so it doesn’t get moldy. The tortoises, Patato and Pechuga, have fruits and vegetables. They actually eat A LOT. Lol.

Btw, if you’re thinking of changing your dog or your cat’s food, don’t just transition into the new food right away. Start by adding a little of the new food to the old one, adding more and more, until you’ve completely switched out to the new food.

3. Clean up after your pets. Your neighbors will thank you for it, and really, it’s just the decent thing to do. We use biodegradable plastic bags or even banana leaves.

4. Clean your pets, tooPochola is a house dog and she goes anywhere she wants to in our home—the couch, our bed, and when her paws are dirty, everything else gets dirty. So after she walks, I clean her paws. I also comb her through using a flea finder (just in case) and spray her with a deodorizer so she doesn’t smell. Negroni’s eyes get cleaned every day with water just to remove muta and once a week, we use a special solution and a powder to clean the eyes more thoroughly. When needed, we also cut the nails and hair so none of us get hurt and the hair doesn’t go all over our house. Lol. I like to shower the tortoises also ’cause it helps cool them down, but we don’t leave them in the water too long.

Don’t forget to watch the vid below and send me a comment on Insta if you have any questions! 🙂



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