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My New Clothing Line for Breastfeeding Mommas

12 months ago by Solenn

I’m sure breastfeeding mommas know how it is. You’re at home, have a million things to do, and you just don’t have that one thing you can wear that will… help you look presentable in your virtual meetings, allow you to still breastfeed (with easy access), and let you be comfy enough to do housework or like take a nap in. I mean, that’s something I’ve been dealing with and so I paired up with Elin to design Elin.Katana—housewear that’s super comfortable and still super classy.

I don’t think a lot of people know this but before I got into showbiz, I studied fashion design in Paris for three and a half years for college. In 2006, I went back to the Philippines and worked for three years on knitwear for local designer Lulu Tan Gan. So this was a nice collaboration to do now cause it made me get into all the stuff I used to do before.

Here are some throwback shots of my fashion days. Some are recent like the sketches for a silk collection I was working on two years ago. The silk materials were designed by friend and great designer Eric Raisina who lives in Cambodia, and we did crochet and silk flowers. Some photos are from my time with Lulu where I did patterns and draping for different collections.

Lol thanks for letting me take you through a walk down memory lane! 

Anyway like I said, the new collection with Elin was really fun to do and I wanna give a big thank you to their team, including the sewers and staff, who worked on this with me for the past six months even in the middle of COVID-19. 🙂

If I would describe the collection, I’d say it’s super simple, straightforward, and comfortable. The clothes are great if you’re breastfeeding, but even if you aren’t or aren’t anymore, you can still use them. I made sure that the styles and material are stretchable so you can use them even while you’re pregnant.

The collection goes live on August 16! In the meantime, here are DIY photos of me modeling the collection (some taken by Nico, try to spot him haha). You can also watch the vid below so you can see how it looks while someone’s wearing it and moving around in it 🙂




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