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The Plant Momma Life & Other Air Purifying Tips

12 months ago by Solenn

If you’re a homebody like me, you probably already spent a lot of your time indoors before. But right now, everyone is staying at home and since we’re spending even more time inside, we need to make sure that the air we’re breathing at home is healthy and purified.

I try to do that at home by: putting up a lot of plants (my home is basically a mini jungle lol), using natural furniture, having proper ventilation, opening the windows, and using an air purifier.

I know a lot of peeps are becoming plant parents these days and I’m definitely not an expert, which is why I like going for plants that are kind of easy to take care of and maintain. Here are the ones I have at home:

– Areca palm

– Sensation plant

– Fox tail palm tree

– Money plant

– Fortune plant

– Peace lily

– Rubber plant

– Snake plant

– Philodendron

– Fiddle leaf

– Spider plant

– Jade plant

– Swiss cheese plant

– Chinese evergreen

– Fern plant

– Ponytail palm tree

– Pothos vine

– Draceana Anita

What I do to try to keep them alive (because I have a killed a few also, hahaha) is keeping them near natural light without burning them, trimming and cleaning them, putting indoor plants outside once a week, and watering them once a week (some actually just need to be watered once a month).

Another thing that’s helped me keep stuff clean at home is using the Ecoguard Natural Disinfectant Maker. It’s pretty much a machine where you put tap water and two spoons of iodized salt, plug it in, and then it creates a homemade, non-toxic sanitizer. It’s kind of our way to DIY and be eco-friendly, and it’s helpful also when sanitizers go out of stock in the grocery.

I also use an air purifier at home. I actually invested in one two years ago, but it was a bit big and bulky and I had a hard time putting it in a spot at home that wouldn’t be bothering. So I recently discovered the Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier, which is small enough to be placed behind a sofa or on a table. For me, it doesn’t make any noise but if you have sensitive ears, there’s also a night function you can use to make sure it’s super quiet.

What I like about it is it doesn’t only purify the air, it also kills bacteria and viruses. It’s baby-safe and removes allergens, molds, and bad odor too. I am super not techy and it’s easy enough to use for me so that’s a plus. It comes with cartridge that has to be replaced every three months and then I just take a look at the indicator to check how the air in my home is. If it’s orange or red, the air is a bit funky. If it’s blue, it means the air is clean.

I hope these tips help you guys out! Until we come to a better normal, let’s stay at home, learn to adapt, and take care of some plants 🙂  Don’t forget to watch the vid below!



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