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Real Talk: What Do Babies’ Cries Mean?!

2 years ago by Solenn

This is the second and last part of my conversation with my friend Jess Tan Gan, a new mom of two who calls herself a baby nerd cause she likes to try out different products, classes, and techniques for taking care of her kids, and she loves to share what she’s learned to new moms like me. In our first conversation, we talked about her newborn essentials and this time, she quizzes me on the different cries of a baby. I honestly didn’t know what the diff was until she told me about it and I feel like this will be so helpful for me and Nico when our daughter comes. Watch the vid below for more!

The technique is called the “Dunstan Baby Language” and it was developed by a singer named Priscilla Dunstan. It talks about the five different cries of babies, and apparently, each cry means that your baby needs a different thing. You can check out some of the interviews she’s done with Oprah here and here.

Jess used a paid app to quiz me called Baby Ears by DBL, which you can also download. Knowing your babies’ cries means you get to meet his or her needs without getting too frustrated. Sometimes, your baby is just looking for comfort and Jess also shared the 5 S’s developed by Dr. Harvey Karp who’s an American pediatrician. Another thing that was helpful for me to know. I feel like I’m going to crush this baby thing now. Lol.

But at the end of the day, mommas and dads, you guys know your baby best. Apps and techniques can help, but don’t forget to trust your instinct—it works and it will know stuff books and the internet can’t tell you.

Don’t forget to watch the vid below and if you have tips to share for a soon-to-be new momma, just comment!



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