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Real Talk: What Are Newborn Baby Essentials?

2 years ago by Solenn

As a soon-to-be first-time momma, I have to say that things can be really overwhelming. Not only because there’s so much going on before you give birth, it also feels like you need so much stuff before your baby comes. There are a ton of things available in the market and you kinda have to figure out if you need all of them. My tip for first-time moms: Talk to someone who you trust and who’s been there. 

I decided to talk to my friend Jess Tan Gan who is the perfect person to chat with in the vid below because she is obsessed with baby products and she has tried so many brands. She also just gave birth to her second baby! Anyway, she shares her picks in the vid and when my baby comes, I’ll share with you guys my own list as well 🙂

Here are other quick tips I learned from Jess:

1. Do NOT overbuy. Lol. I bought so many mittens for my baby, but I learned that they like to remove mitttens on their own a lot. Hahaha. Oops.

2. Accept hand-me-downs. Babies are so clean and they grow super fast.

3. When figuring out what to buy, always put yourself in your baby’s shoes and ask: What will he or she be comfy with?

4. Try to learn as much as you can through classes. The ones that are important to try: a breastfeeding and lactating class, a sleep class, a birthing class, and newborn first-aid.

5. Prepare the husband! Tell him how exactly you want to be supported. Motherhood can feel isolating especially if you are still figuring things out.

6. After you give birth, take it easy on yourself. A human just came out of you! Hahahaha. Rest well, stay at home, eat well, and drink a lot of liquids.

And here’s her list of newborn essentials that she shared in the vid:

1. Wink Binder
2. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump
3. Sacred Six Months Newborn Wash
4. Dr. Pawpaw
5. Born Free Glass Bottles
6. Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles
7. Hegen Milk Bottles
8. St. Patrick’s Footies and Onesies
9. Aiden and Anais Swaddles
10. Lulujo Muslin Swaddles
11. Mamaway Nursing Bra
12. Milk Easy 2-in-1 Nursing & Pump Bra
13. Do Good Cloth Diapers
14. Reusable Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers
15. Reusable Best Bottom Cloth Diapers
16. Hippih Bathroom Sink Cushion
17. Frida Snot Sucker
18. Thermometer

If you’re a mom or a dad and you’ve been through this, what are other tips you can share? Just comment below!



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