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#SolennArtXHope & Speaking Up About Something We Need to STOP

4 years ago by Solenn

Everyone knows I love to create art. Painting, drawing, sketching… all of it relaxes me. So when Nanette Po, the founder of HOPE, called me to collaborate with them, I just couldn’t say no. First, I thought the idea of making shirts out of 100% recycled plastic bottles was #GENIUS. Living in the Philippines, I find it really sad to see plastic littered on our streets every single day. So through this project, in my own little way, I’m happy to help take some of the trash away. 100% of the proceeds of this collaboration will also go to building school classrooms nationwide, so talk about #WINNING, right? Finally, I think it’s cool that this collab lets me share my art to people in a totally different way.

I’m really happy you have been visiting my site more to check out all the kagulo, but I also want to use this space to speak up about things I believe in. Guys, we really need to understand the importance of disposing trash properly. Trash is everywhere in our country. Trust me, I have gone to “sosyal” areas and still there’s trash—plastic bags, leftover fast food packaging, candy wrappers, cigarette butts… It’s so sad that people will just assume that someone will pick up the shit they left and clean up after them.

I guess the good news here is I believe that we can fix this with simple education. If you know better than to litter on our streets, and you see someone doing it, please gently explain to them that this is not right and even small things like this have big consequences. When our cities and towns get flooded and people lose their homes, a small fraction of it is due to the little bits of litter and trash that pile up and up, leaving our drainage systems clogged.

If you’re a litterbug and you can #RELATE to what I just said, please start owning up to your trash. Do. Not. Litter. And if you’re the kind who’s super turned off by people littering, please help educate the people around you. Take action now, because the day we decide to do something about this, it might be too late already. 

Okay, serious time is over! Lol. If you want to help me take some of the the trash off our streets or maybe own a little piece of my art, #SolennArt will now be available on limited edition, 100% recycled plastic bottle tops. There are only 200 tops available and each of them are specially numbered. You can find them in HOPE pop-up vendos and Zalora. For more info, just check out HOPE’s Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you guys for reading. There’s a video and more pics below! Like always, leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Also, if ever you get a shirt, please tag me on Instagram or Twitter and use #SolennArtXHope. 🙂



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