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Thylane’s Baby Room Tour!

2 years ago by Solenn

So the mommy content keeps on coming. Hahaha. As some of you might know, Nico and I welcomed our first child, our daughter Thylane Katana, on New Year’s Day. She’s been such a sweet baby, always eating and sleeping and not really making much of a fuss. But even if she’s an easy baby, especially since I’m a new mom, I really don’t like to stay away from her too long, which means I’ve gone out of the house like twice since I gave birth just to go on check-ups. You guys know me, I love having a lot of stuff to do, but now I have my hands full with my daughter like literally, and it’s so good to spend time with her as much as we can now cause we know this phase is going to come by so quick.

Anyway, because I’m never away from my house, Nico and I really wanted to make sure Thylane’s room was cozy and comfy to spend a lot of time in. I promised you guys a tour of her baby room and it doesn’t look like most baby rooms, but that’s something we wanted so the room can kind of grow with her. Less changes and renovations to make in the long run. Lol.

The vid is below and here’s a list of the stuff we talked about! These guys really helped me make a small home out of her room:

1. Hurray Interior Design Group – interior design
2. Urban Konstruct Studio – construction
3. Sweep Inspirations – cleaning
4. PNG’s Furnishing – wooden blinds
5. Mothercare – glider chair and crib
6. Albero – rattan shelves and rattan mirror in the bathroom
7. Arte Cebuana – pendant lamp
8. More Than a Chair – baby’s changing cabinet and wall panels
9. Vito Selma – bookshelf
10. Studio 11 – wallpaper
11. Abode by Studio Soliven – carpet and bedsheet on crib (Abode is coming soon!)
12. Booboo Proof Play – wooden playmats
13. Moderno Systems – bathroom cabinet
14. Mobler – bathroom countertop

Other small items:

1. Zyji – bedsheets
2. Ecomom – bottle sterilizer
3. Nell & Well – small air purifier in the crib
4. Iflin – nursing capes
5. No Blank Walls – photo frames

Don’t forget to watch the vid below, check out the photos, and comment if you have suggestions for other baby stuff I should come up with 🙂

A closer look at the carpet and bedsheet that I designed together with Studio Soliven—our Abode line is coming soon




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