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WATCH: CHAR-aoke Encantadia Version | #EncaCharaoke

4 years ago by Solenn

Because I promised that my site would be full of random, crazy things, I’m giving you the very first episode of my CHAR-aoke Series, which is just like a carpool karaoke… pero char, echos lang. Lol.

Last Friday was the finale of Encantadia (#IvoLiveEncantadia!), and I thought to celebrate the show’s run by dedicating the first episode of Charaoke to the show’s cast and fans. (P.S. If you’re an international reader, Encantadia is a fantaserye or a fantasy-themed soap opera in the Philippines.)

I have mixed emotions about Enctanadia ending. To be honest, at the start, I didn’t really understand what I was a part of. I mean, I didn’t even get to see the original one in 2005. But people told me it was the best fantaserye on Philippine TV, and many also said that it would be very hard for us to top it. But direk Mark Reyes (who also directed the first one) had his heart into this, and that’s what was needed.

I’m really glad I got to play Queen Cassiopeia in the show. Shooting Enca was challenging, because it had everything from drama to comedy to action, and it required us actors to step up and do a bit of everything. I got to wear prosthetics (shoutout to my pointy ears, lol) and do fight scenes. Speaking the language of Enchan was also hard at first, but I made it a point to understand what Cassiopeia was saying so I could memorize the lines faster (yes, Enchan is a made-up language, but it actually had an alphabet and the stuff I would say had a legit translation).

Learning lines on set
Learning lines on set
Less Cass, more Sos lol
Less Cass, more Sos lol

When Cassiopeia was possessed by the kontrabida Avria, I suddenly had Tagalog speaking lines, and that was more pressure on me, because for sure people could understand what I was saying. Haha. So I credit Enca for really helping me improve my Tagalog skills. Pwede naman na, right?

Lastly, I’m thankful for the show’s cast and crew. When you put together heart, drive, ambition, and hard work, you know you’ll end up with something successful. Or at the least, something very special. It’s been a year since we started shooting for Encantadia, and I can say that I’ve really found a family who I love and respect with everything I am. For the first time in my career, I was the ate in the cast, but I super enjoyed working with my younger cast members and learning a lot from them.

You can ask anyone, I am not really the type to open up on set. Haha. I usually just observe and make people kulit, so I don’t think they know how much I admire them. I’m not only talking about the director, our E.P., the actors, and the writers… I’m talking about every single person who dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears for that set. These are people you don’t read about in interviews and articles. They’re the ones who help make the show what it is—the cameramen, set designers, costume designers, catering crew, extras, and utility men. When you’re an artista in the Philippines, it’s a given that you have a lot of long taping hours, and it’s so easy to complain. But then the crew who work on the show are actually there before us and they pack up after, so a lot of a show or a movie’s success is really because of them.


I can honestly say that I have never seen such a hardworking group of people. I’ve learned something from everyone of them, and for that I am blessed. <3

Okay, ang daming say. I might need to write a novel to completely describe what an experience this show was. Lol. For now, here is a fun, short video of some of my co-actors just being themselves. It’s just a random thing I got them to do, but you can see there’s a lot of love.

The rules of our Charaoke was simple. Each Enca cast member had to…

1. Answer random quick-fire questions

2. React to a scenario I would invent while “driving” (low budget, sorry naman)


4. Sing to any song I would sing

5. Imitate other characters in Enca

6. Pick a phrase from my pouch and say it in a sexy way

Please watch the video below and tell me what you think! Who do you think was the funniest? What was your favorite part? Should we do a part two? (I couldn’t get all the actors on cam, because they were super busy filming kasi.)

Tag me in your thoughts on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter using the hashtag #EncaCharaoke!



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