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Where’s the Love for the Love Team?

4 years ago by Solenn

A love team: Actors who are set up together and marketed as a couple.

Where do I begin? To set the record straight, I have never been part of a love team. I remember, though, when I was still starting in showbiz, I was asked to attend an event with my supposed ka-love team in the making. There’s definitely a certain magic about two complete strangers working so well together and having undeniable chemistry. I have always been amazed at how this happens and how involved fans can get.

I’ve spoken to a few friends who have been in love teams or are in one, and of course they’re super grateful for all the work that a successful love team can bring in. But what the world doesn’t always see is that being in a love team can be hard. Before actors are coupled in a love team, they’re actors first. That’s their job. And as an actor, you want to be able to do different kinds of roles. You want to act with different people, because you learn from every new person you act with. But when your love team is too strong and you get a job where you have to act with someone else or you have to be the love interest of a different person, someone gets attacked. Mean things are said to the actors involved, especially in social media. Sometimes, it even gets to the point when the actors in the love team lose a sense of who they are, because they’re trying so much to portray themselves as a couple both on-screen (which is okay) and in real life (which is not okay if it’s being forced on them).

And I think that goes against the whole thing of supporting someone or being a fan of someone. When you’re a fan, you want whoever you’re supporting to always be better. To do better, to learn more, to spread his or her wings. This feeling isn’t even limited to just showbiz. If there’s someone you genuinely care about in your personal life, you always encourage that person to pursue their dreams and you feel happy when they finally get to do it. Right? Sadly, there are fans who knowingly or unknowingly cut the wings of the actors they support by limiting their roles and keeping them from making the most out of other opportunities.

Of course, there is still a HUGE positive side to love teams. We all know that there are instances when the actors in a love team actually fall for each other. That’s great. There are also times when they work well together, but have different personal lives apart from each other. And that’s also great. Let’s not forget that actors, even though they are seen as bright stars or whatever, are still human. They feel, get angry, dream, and cry. They’re real people who are only doing their jobs.

There’s no denying that love teams inspire and make people happy in a very special way. I’m not saying we should put an end to all love teams. What I’m saying is, let’s take a step back and see if we are really loving the love team we claim to love and support. Are we polluting social media with so much unnecessary attacks and hate? Why don’t we use it to share support and inspiration instead? We can also draw lines. Let’s love the couple on-screen, but also respect them as individuals off-screen. We can love the work that they do as actors, and still support their individual lives. Let’s make love teams what they’re supposed to be about. Love.

Graphics by Kookee Flores


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